| Desarrollo y validación en campo de un sistema de nanosensores de bajo consumo y bajo coste para la monitorización en tiempo real de la calidad del aire ambiente
EU funded project providing real time air quality monitoring through low cost - low consumption sensors based on nanotechnology with cloud system analysis.
NanoSen-AQM, air quality monitoring, nanosensors, low cost sensors, Interreg, Sudoe, nanotechnology, cloud, real time
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Air quality monitoring is expensive, which makes it difficult to obtain massive, reliable, real-time data. By developing low-cost gas nanosensors to measure air-quality and provide real-time data, the Nanosen-AQM project will contribute to providing massive, distributed and ubiquitous air quality monitoring. For example, the project will allow users to know whether the air quality is good enough before they exercise outdoors, among many other features.


  • Last week at Madeira, all the Exp.AT’19 activities proved to be a good forum to interact and discuss with other researchers on Air Quality Monitoring (AQM).   It started last Tuesday, June 11th, at 18h with a Workshop session at the Engineers Association of Madeira....

  • ·       The successful meeting was a Workshop organized in the framework of the NanoSen-AQM project, which is funded by the Interreg-Sudoe program of the European Union. ·       Around a hundred of assistants, mainly researchers but also spin-offs and SMEs presented innovative air sensors, as well..

  • The NanoSen-AQM project of the Interreg-Sudoe program will actively participate in the 5th Experiment@ International Conference –’19. The conference is a joint organisation of University of Porto and University of Coimbra with the collaboration of University of Madeira, will be held at

  • NanoSen-AQM Interreg Sudoe Project and CMC2 have organised together the next Workshop on low-cost sensors and microsystems for Environment Monitoring. This workshop aims to bring together European academic and industrial actors in the field of air and water quality monitoring. These 2 days are dedic

  • NanoSen-AQM is being presented at the international conference GraphIn 2019: Graphene Industry – Challenges and Opportunities which is taking place in Madrid these days. Representatives of CSIC-ITEFI are participating in GraphIn 2019 by presenting two posters on the graphene-based sensors bein

  • The 5th Experiment@ International Conference ( will be held in Funchal (Madeira Island) on June 12-14 2019. Within the framework of EXP.AT’19, NanoSen-AQM is promoting the Special Track “Air Quality Monitoring” AQM´19 which is announced here. The deadline for submi



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